Proof is in the Pudding Christmas Compilation 2020–USA ONLY


Proof is in the Pudding CD 2020

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Since 2007, Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding talent competition has been highlighting some of Arizona’s musicians through a compilation CD of Christmas music called “A Taste of Christmas Pudding.” This year’s album is here and ready to be stuffed in stockings, shipped to far off relatives, and enjoyed during Christmas Eve dinner. For only $12 you can hear songs by Awake at Midnight, Between the Dark, Catalyst, Cody Mitchael, The Droogs, Ellie Fern, Gavin Torel, The Joeys, Justin Kreiser, Pasadena, Rylee Paige, Sophie Dorsten & Sunkissed. Buy yours today and share the link for others to buy! All proceeds go to The Rock Teen Center. CD's can be picked up at the Phoenix office or shipped for a fee based on your USA address.