1. How long has Solid Rock been around?
Solid Rock was founded in 1995 by longtime friends Chuck Savale and Alice and Sheryl Cooper.
2. Is Solid Rock a nonprofit organization?
Yes. Solid Rock is a nonprofit organization with all proceeds benefiting Alice Cooper’s Rock Teen Center.
3. When did The Rock Teen Center open?

The Rock Teen Center opened in May 2012 in Phoenix. In 2021, we opened another teen center in Mesa. We have plans for our third center to open in 2024 in Goodyear.

4. How many teens come to The Rock Teen Center?
Currently approximately 50 to 100 teens visit the Center daily.
5. What age does the Rock Teen Center serve?
Solid Rock serves all youth ages 12½ to 20 years old.
6. What are The Rock Teen Center hours?

The Rock Teen Centers are open Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

7. How much are the music and dance lessons?
All programs offered at The Rock Teen Center are free to youth.
8. How do I sign my teen up for The Rock Teen Center?

You can stop in any time during the hours of operation or download the link for the application and Code of Conduct, complete, and bring into the Center to register. Click here for Phoenix. Click here for Mesa.

9. How do I sign my teen up for free music and dance classes?
All classes for guitar, bass, drums, and vocals must be scheduled in advance by contacting Mark Savale, Director of The Rock Teen Center, at 602-334-5674, or by visiting the Center during business hours. If you are looking for a place for your band to practice, please contact Mark to check availability.


If you are interested in taking a dance class, contact Hodgie Jo, Director of Dance, at 602-770-5567. Due to maturity, dance classes are offered to teens ages 13-20.

10. Do you accept musical instruments for donations?
Yes we do accept musical instruments in good working order for donations (no horns, flutes or pianos, with the exception of weighted keyboards) as well as any in-kind donations of school supplies, computers, art supplies, food, etc. Please refer to our Donate page for more information on how you can get involved.
11. My teen doesn’t own a guitar or bass or drums, can he/she still take lessons?
Yes, all musical instruments are available for use at The Rock Teen Center for lessons.
12. How many lessons can they take a week?
Each teen is allowed to take one free music lesson per instrument each week.
13. How can I volunteer?
For volunteer inquiries, email or call the Solid Rock corporate office at 602-522-9200.
14. Does Alice ever come to The Rock?
Although Alice is still busy touring the world and making movies and appearances, he is dedicated to The Rock Teen Center and visits often while he is in town. Alice also makes special appearances and even performs at many of the special events hosted by The Rock Teen Center.
15. How can I contact Alice to invite him to perform or come to an event?
If you are interested in contacting Alice Cooper about an event or performance outside of Solid Rock and The Rock Teen Center please email your request to
16. Is the The Rock safe for my teen?
As listed in our Code of Conduct, in order to keep it a safe and nice place for everyone to enjoy, we do not tolerate any drugs, alcohol, inappropriate language, weapons, gang colors, bullying or disrespect in any form.


Solid Rock and The Rock Teen Center
13625 N. 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032



Joy Covell
Corporate Office: 602-522-9200